Old machines into servo system

To implement energy saving system in old Injection molding machine we replace old electrical motor system with new servo system. After implementation of servo system user can save up 60% electricity. Injection Molding Machines become more economic, attractive and user friendly, when they get equipped with PLC control along with servo system.
We are retrofitting standard servo system on used Injection molding machines, which make machines again an asset for the customers with following advantages:
1:-Renovation makes machine accurate, contemporary & noiseless.
2:-Power saving up to 60% on renovated machines.
3:-We offer one year warranty for proper functioning of PLC, Servo System & hydraulic.
4:-Industrial paint quality make machine look like new.


1.High energy saving:In an ideal working state, compared with conventional injection molding machines, their energy saving can reach 50%-80% with servo system.
2.Better Molding Stability:Compared with conventional injection molding machines, repeatability is greatly improved due to servo motor close-loop control.
3.Quick response:Due to sensitive servo motor, the response time is only 0.05 second.
4.Quiet & low noise::The machine runs with low noise, and will be much quieter in a low speed.
5.Reliable holding pressure:Compared with all electric injection molding machines, the time for pressure holding will be much longer and steady.
6.Slow Oil temperature rise:Servo motor proportionally deliver hydraulic oil base on our needs, it can prevent unnecessary heat being generated, even in some cases does not require cooling.



Servo System: High Energy Saving Rate, High Stability, High Durability
As we know, nowadays power saving concept using servo systems on Injection Molding Machines have made machines more economic and user friendly. Consequently old machines are becoming burden on user. We are committed to promotion of the energy conservation technology of the injection molding machine, strives to help customers promote efficiency and create value, explores the current and future demands of customers, and customizes the servo system with high cost performance by virtue of the professional skills.
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